<<Swami Abhishiktananda>> The Man and his Message.
Edited by Vandana.  ISPCK post box 1585, Kashmere Gate, Dehli-110006
<<Waters of Fire>> by Vandana.
St. John's Gospel in the light of the Upanishads. American ed. cost Rs100.
<<Kalkalnadini>> by Ishpriya. Prayer-poems based on Indian Spirituality. Rs 20.
<<Perennial Yoga Diary>> by Vandana and Ishpriya.
Yoga Sadhana Teachings of Swami Shivananda. Rs 20.
<<Nama Japa>> by Vandana.Prayer of the Name in the Hindu and Christian Tradition. Rs 125.
                             ed: Motilal Banarsidass: 41 U A Bungalow rd, Jawahar Nagar, Dehli 110007
<<Find your roots and take wing>> by Vandana Mataji. A.T.C.publ. Bangalore. 1991.
                                                       foreword by Raimon Panikkar.
<<Shabda-Shakti-Sangam>> ed by Vandana.Hinduism and Christianity in Dialogue. Contributions by over 100 authors both   Hindu and Christian. ed N.B.C.L.C. P.O. Box 8426, Bangalore 560084 India
<<And the Mother of Jesus was there>> by Vandana. A Celtic Hymn in the light of Indian Spirituality. Of special interest to Ireland, Scotland and Sophia College, Mumbai.
<<Sandhya Songs >> Cassettes available from J.D.S.K. Rishikesh.
<<Gurus, Ashrams and Christians>> by Vandana. Darton, Longman & Todd, London, 1978.        
<<Prayer>> new ed. 1989.  I.S.P.C.K. post box 1585, kashmere gate, Dehli 110 054
<<In Spirit and Truth>> 1989. Pub. by I.S.P.C.K.
<<The secret of Arunachala>> 1988. Pub. by I.S.P.C.K.
<<Guru and Disciple>> 1990. Pub. by I.S.P.C.K.
<<The mountain of the Lord>> 1990. Pub. by I.S.P.C.K.
<<Saccidananda>>1990. Pub. by I.S.P.C.K.
<<Hindu-Christian meeting point>>1983. I.S.P.C.K.
<<The Further Shore>1984. I.S.P.C.K.
<<Swami Abhishiktananda>> Letters. ed J. Stuart, 1989.
<<The eyes of light>> ed. by Dimension Books, Denville, N.J. , USA.1983
<<The Church in India>> C.L.S., Madras, 1971.
<<Towards the renewal of the Indian Church>> Dharmaram, Bangalore, 1971.

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