"Meditation is a way of power because it is the way to . . .get our own death into focus. It can do so because it is the  way beyond our own mortality. It is the way beyond our own death to the resurrection, to a new and eternal life, the life that arises from our union with God.  The essence of the Christian gospel is that we are invited to this experience now, today. All of us are invited to death: to die to our own self-importance, our own selfishness, our own limitations. We are invited to die to our own exclusiveness. We are invited to all this because Jesus has died before us and has risen from the dead. Our invitation to die is also one to rise to new life, to community, to communion, to a full life without fear. . . .

Every time we sit down to meditate we enter this axis of death and resurrection. We do so because in our meditation we go beyond our own life and all the limitations of our own life into the mystery of God. We discover, each of us from our own experience, that the mystery of God is the mystery of love, infinite love-love that casts out all fear. This is our resurrection, our rising to the full liberty that dawns on us once our own life and death and resurrection are in focus. Meditation is the great way of focusing our life on the eternal reality that is God, the eternal reality that is to be found in our own hearts.

The discipline of saying the mantra, the discipline of the daily return morning and evening to meditation has this one supreme aim-to focus us totally on Christ with an acuity of vision that sees ourselves and all reality as it is. Listen to St Paul: "No one  of us lives, and equally no one of us dies, for himself alone. If we live, we live for the Lord. If we die, we die for the Lord. Whether we live or die, therefore, we belong to the Lord. That is why Christ died and came to life again. . . ."

John Main OSB, "Death and Resurrection," MOMENT OF CHRIST
(New York: Continuum, 1998), pp. 69-70.

We meditate in order to enter into the meaning of those words : www.wccm.org

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