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Jeevan Dhara Sadhana Kuttir
, Tapovan Sarai, Via Sivanandanagar P.O., Rishikesh, 249192, India.

This site created in 1999 for the last visit of Mr Vandana to her western disciples, has to be above all bilingual, English and French according to the Upanishad and meditation teaching of those masters evoked. It is dedicated to the Sannyasi Swami Abhishiktananda Henri Le Saux O.S.B and to the Upanishad and meditation which were welcomed thanks to him in the Christian spirituality according to the transmission of his spiritual research by the sisters Vandana and Ishpriya in the memory of Janine De Laclos benefactress of Jeevan Dhara under the blessing of Swami Chidananda. The inter-religious dialogue which they lived and live is the foundation of the site towards the light of Upanishad and meditation. This site is a small sanctuary dedicated to Jeevan Dhara to try to clear up the water to the source having in heart that " if a man reaches the heart of his own religion, he also reaches the heart of the other religions" according to the Mahatma Gandhi. The interreligious dialogue is at the origin of this site: the life of Fr Henri Le Saux and Fr Bede Griffiths as that of the Fr Christian de ChergÈ and his brothers proved that the best mode of dialogue with the non-Christian religions is the monachisme and the contemplative prayer also called meditation. Such is also the dialogue which the Father John Main shared with India then with the Dalai Lama and which Wccm invites to pursue. Please have come rest you among these pages, even if this site is difficult to find and even if its updates are rare; it is opened to all those who are interested in these authors and spiritual masters or simply want to discover them with the contacts. Every criticism is welcome.