Sr. Ishpriya

As a Catholic nun, born in England, she has lived in India for more than twenty-five years: She is an english member of an international catholic religious congregation, The Society of the Sacred Heart; She left Europe for India in 1971 and since 1974 she has lived in the foothills of the Himalayas, a Christian presence among Hindu Sanyasis, committed to inter-faith dialogue in a spirit of mutual understanding and common search.
swami_chidananda.jpg (2456 octets)                       She has explored the thoughts and practices of Eastern spiritual traditions. She is the Founder - Chaperson of the International Satsang Association and continues as it Spiritual animator and guide.
During these years, as well as developing the I.S.A., she has travelled continually conducting Retreats, Satsangs and Seminars in many countries across all 5 continents.  People seek her compassionate and perceptive spiritual guidance from all over the word. .
bede_griffiths.jpg (3065 octets)                       She holds a Doctorate in Psychology from the University of London and has contributed articles to journals in India and abroad, mainly on topics concerning psychology and spirituality. She brings insights from this academic East and West well adjusted to daily live in global times.
Her perceptive powers, clarity of presentation, and deep love of God are well known to all those who have listened to her retreats and lectures. Several series of her Teaching have been recorded commercially by N.C.R. in America..

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Sr. Ishpriya is a reverent and trust-worthy guide and teacher. People come to her for spiritual guidance from all over the world

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