Jeevan Dhara experience by ISHPRIYA  MATAJI

"I expect both to contribute and greatly benefit from living the original purpose of the Sadhana Kuttirs. The atmosphere and daily discipline of the life here should facilitate a quick re-entry into Sadhana, study, and the necessary balance of silence to my months of teaching.

Situated so close to Muniki-Reti ( sands of the sages ), the Kuttirs continue to afford me vital contact with several main sources of contemporary Hinduism, wich through their centres abroad, strongly influence the post-christian or the disencanted Christian world, e.g. the Divine Life Society,...etc.

It is still possible to meet here with genuine masters of Spiritual life and guidance.

Through the constant flow of pilgrims, from all over India, is brought before our eyes the faith and devotion of the vast majority of the economically poor. From here it would also be possible to go ourselves on pilgrimage to many holy places.

...That silence be truly contemplative, because we dive deeply together into the refreshing flow of our Jeevan Dhara four times daily..."

Let come, let go
Let be, let flow
Jeevan Dhara bahne do
Let the Living Waters flow.
" Jeevan Dhara is not a place.
It is an experience. "

Jeevan Dhara experience...

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