Satsang is a Sanscrit word meaning the coming together, the SANGA, of those who are seeking SAT ( ie.Being, Truth, God ) in order to support each other's spiritual quest.


The Satsang Association has grown from the needs of a number of groups who, since 1984, have been forming internationnally around the initiative of Sister Ishpriya 's spiritual teaching and guidance.
It is a companionship between those who are open to the Truth in all traditions and are seeking to know the Absolute, the source of all Life those, who also accept their need for guidance, challenge and support in the concrete living out of their ideals.
Satsang members recognise the barriers which are at the heart of many of today 's social evils, barriers which create fear and suspicion and thus keep people in conflict.
In small, often un-noticed, yet significant ways they are working to transform fear into respect and understanding - wherever they live and work.


make a serious commitment to:
* their personal growth in spiritual awareness and practice.
* helping remove the barriers of prejudice and ignorance which divide persons from each other.
* building up relationships of compassion and appreciation across frontiers of race, language, culture and religion.

An Open Space

Now we can inherit the spiritual wealth and wisdom of every culture and tradition, East and West.
Now we can risk being drawn into a planetised community rooted simultaneously in the earth and the Mystery.
Now we can risk the responsability of our essential; connectedness our essential union each"one" with every "one".
but will we take the risk?

Our "net" has been "working"; we have been risking since 1984. Over the last ten years the need for a centre from which to facilitate the growing international aspect of the SATSANG has become more and more urgent. But THE SOURCE: DIE QUELLE LA FUENTE, will not be merely an administrative centre.We are trying to create a new paradigm: growing out the needs and challenges of our times, for a place of spiritual resource - which is truly an " Open Space ";

Where all traditions and authentic ways of spiritual practice are respected:
Where those sincerely seeking - also outside the traditional religions - can find guidance and discipline;
Where all can gather courage and wisdom to act justly in the turbulance and potential of our society:
A place where Satsang is lived at depth.


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