"This, indeed is That"

"Series A".
This series of cassettes offers a systematic introduction to the spiritual wisdom of the Hindu tradition. Designed for Christians and those living in the West, it guides an entry into the riches of this major world religion. These lucid teachings avoid theoretical debates and encourage a personal spiritual encounter.


  1. "Cave of the Heart"...
  2. "Heart of Awareness"...
  3. "Take Fullness from Fullness"...
  4. "Only the Going"...
  5. "A Place Where No Winds Come"...
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Cave of the Heart...

An initiation into the main spiritual paths of Hinduism :
Inana (Wisdom), Bhakti (Devotion), Karma (Action).

It provides a basic overview of a vast terrain of experience and practice, in familiar terminology.

The result is an extraordinary retreat which brings the Eastern tradition of prayer and Yoga into a richly experiential and fresh presentation of our faith.

6 cassettes in vinyl album AA2314
USD 49.95
DM 70

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Heart of Awareness...

Focuses on one major spiritual theme of the Hindu tradition : Advaita or Non-Duality.

This retreat offers the fruit of a mature spiritual development as it focuses on the disciples and benefits of awareness, expecially contentment and stillness.

This retreat will be of particular interest to those who are called to meditation or contemplative prayer.

6 cassetes in vinyl album AA2506
USD 49.95
DM 70

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Take Fullness from Fullness...

A first, contemplative reading of a text from the Hindu scriptures.

This uncommonly touching and beautiful presentation explains and unfolds the Isa Upanishad.

This is not theology or catechesis, but a reverent meditation that nourishes the soul.

It offers clean water from a very deep well.

4 cassettes in vinyl album AA2659
USD 29.95
DM 40

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Only the Going...

Reflections on the teachings of the Ashtanga Yoga as systematized by Patanjali in his Sutra.

There is no clearly defined path, all we can follow are comments and observations by travelers who made the spiritual search before us.

Wisdom is different from rules or maps.

These are addresses of encouragement, support and enlightenment.

4 cassettes AA2929
USD 27.95
DM 40

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A Place Where No Winds Come...

A companion volumn to "Only the Going", this series provides simple instructions for beginners in four major practices of Ashtanga Yoga : shavasana (deep relaxation), asana (body posture), pranayama (breath relaxation), and dhyana (meditation).

In these days of accelerated and drastic change there is an urgent need for "a place where no winds come".

The presentations affer some practical suggestions for the sacred inward journey.

2 cassettes AA2929
USD 17.95
DM 25

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