"The time is ripe for spreading far and wide the 'Upanishadic' experience of freedom, as it may be called... But in fact its spread as a means of liberation and joy for mankind will only be possible at the present juncture in human history, if it is interpreted by seers who are at home in two languages: the language of the Upanishad, which they have learnt enough for it to become their second nature - and the language of the seekers themselves, whatever it may be...
On the one hand, the Upanishad cannot simply be reduced to formulas in any language whatever, for they are above all a matter of experience, a shock-treatment, an interior lighting flash, induced by a whole series of approaches which converge from every point of the mental horizon upon this central focus of overwhelming illumination. On the other hand, this experience needs to be absorbed and assimilated by a man's every faculty - one might say through every pore - so that his being might be wholly transformed."

Swami Abhishiktananda, in The Further Shore, p. 100-1